We Provide the Scientific Proof Needed to Authenticate Art


Great Masters Art Authentication specializes in the science of authenticating works of art attributed to masters dating from the 14th to 20th centuries.  Unlike conventional art attribution, which relies mostly on opinion, Great Masters Art Authentication provides the ultimate due diligence for investors, collectors, and insurance companies by establishing the scientific evidence needed to authenticate a given work.


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The art market is flooded with fakes.

Do your Due Diligence before buying a work of art.


The Science of Authentication


Our chief scientist, Maurizio Seracini, is considered to be the father of Scientific Art Authentication. With his background as a biomedical engineer, Seracini pioneered the use of multi-spectral diagnostic imaging, analytical diagnostics and other advanced technologies to study art. His proven scientific methodology, The Authenticum, allows us to:


  • Provide a complete and thorough report on the work’s state of conservation and decay
  • Understand and identify the techniques and materials used to create the work of art
  • Determine the age of the work
  • Scientifically determine a work’s authenticity
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We can perform scientific authentication studies at our client’s location anywhere in the world or on site in one of our labs in San Diego or Florence, Italy.



Flexibility of Location


We are the only company that can perform full authentication services anywhere in the world, providing the convenience and security of maintaining the art wherever you would like the study conducted.


Great Masters Art Authentication also has lab and secure storage facilities in San Diego, California and Florence, Italy where you can safely ship your works of art for services at our facilities.


For more information please contact us at info@greatmastersart.com or 858-222-1814.


Headquarters – Technical Lab
San Diego, California
European Office – The Archives
Florence, Italy

About Us

Using 21st century technology Seracini can determine the authenticity, state of preservation and the original iconography of 15th and 16th century Renaissance artwork.



The Seracini Research Foundation


The Seracini Research Foundation for Cultural Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the role of science and technology in the exploration and study of art and historic sites as well as elevating its essential role in conservation and preservation. The Foundation is dedicated to using its findings to educate the general public as well as train the next generation of art researchers and scientists.

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