Digital Fingerprint – Unhackable ID For Art

There are very few guarantees in the Art world

  • How do you guarantee that your art remains a “one of a kind”?
  • How do you assure that the art you received is what you bought?
  • How do you know that your art will last, protected from natural and manmade damage?
  • How can you shield your art from hostile and changing opinions of so-called experts?

Secure the value of your prized art assets forever

  • The GMID is based on multi-spectral and hyperspectral imaging technology developed, conceived, and protected by Great Masters Art and Maurizio Seracini the pioneer of Scientific Authentication.
  • By determining the precise anatomy of a work of art, the GMID represents millions of points of data that create a unique “digital fingerprint” which is as unique as an individual’s DNA.
  • All GMID’s are registered in a secured encrypted centralized database, (similar to a CUSIP or VIN number) and can never by copied or duplicated.
  • The GMID is the key to a complete audit trail for your art assets, protecting buyers and sellers alike from fraud fakes and doubt.

Identification & Digital Museum

  • With a GMID any work of art can be identified in the future with statistical surety anywhere in the world.
  • All ID owners get the Great Masters Digital Museum Experience which gives you a unique in-depth viewer to explore on your own, share with museums, experts and even to show to potential buyers.
  • Take your entire art collection wherever you go to enjoy with your family and friends.