Author: Jennifer Hudson

31 Aug The David – a response

The NYTimes Magazine article about the cracks in Michelangelo’s David -- a marble statue housed in the Accademia Gallery in Florence, Italy – has trended since its publication a week ago. In the article author Sam Anderson talks about his obsession with the statue, and refers to the recent...

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06 Apr New Rembrandt?

We're obviously big fans of what technology allows us to learn when studying works of art. What do you think about using technology to make a "new" work from a Great Master? A new "Rembrandt" is about to be unveiled in Amsterdam.  ...

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08 Jan “See differently”

We're looking forward to Sarah Parcak's TED talk next month. Her work with imaging technology is aligned with ours, as is her dedication to saving cultural sites and artifacts. Here is an article from that gives insight into here work. She, like us, wants...

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