Scientific Authentication

Great Masters Art is providing cutting edge technology infrastructure and a new methodology, The Authenticum, for investors to buy art and preserve our cultural heritage into the 21st century and beyond.

Art Investors

For Investors we offer the FAST RESPONSE which provides a quick due diligence offering most commonly used by buyers assessing a large collection or wishing to evaluate auction assortments prior to biding. Often the customers will make the final sale contingent on the results of a COMPREHENSIVE AUTHENTICATION, but this service is very effective at focusing a buyer’s time on paintings that are worthy of investment.


For art sellers we empower owners by definitively authenticating art works. Our Authenticum removes doubt and uncertainty, which can negatively impact the valuation of art. For high end art works, especially with disputed attribution, we offer the PREMIUM AUTHENTICATION, which can go well above and beyond the standard lab study. The PREMIUM AUTHENTICATION will often be done at the client-site to avoid transportation of the art and may also include additional tests and detail description of the analysis to satisfy the additional scrutiny of any world renowned “Attribution Experts”. Furthermore, if requested, this service can include the publication of books, production of documentaries, and even world-wide exhibitions.


For the art owners and collectors we recommend the COMPREHENSIVE AUTHENTICATION to assess the state of health of any art work and provide guidance to owners who are looking to protect the value of their collection. Furthermore, as part of this service we can provide stunning images of multiple spectral bands for future research that can also be content for public and private digital museums.