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Maurizio Seracini has been featured in many different media channels.  Below is just a few of the more popular and well known shows and articles over recent past.

The da Vinci Detective, first released in 2006, was produced by the BBC and featured on the Smithsonian channel, it launched Seracini into the international spotlight.

Dr Maurizio Seracini is a pioneering scientist who has made his name by ingeniously adapting the latest medical and military technology to reveal the secrets of great art works. This film follows Seracini on his controversial journey to solve two specific Leonardo mysteries – the location of the lost mural, The Battle of Anghiari, and a remarkable new story he has uncovered about Leonardo’s great, unfinished, alter piece The Adoration of the Magi.

People Magazine wrote an article discussing Maurizio’s 30+ year search for the lost Leonardo.  Putting into print for the world to see the 500 year mystery and its modern sleuth.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Masterpiece The Battle of Anghiari Was Once Considered One of the Greatest Paintings of the Renaissance. Then, Mysteriously, It Disappeared. Now, After a 32-year Quest, Art Sleuth Maurizio Seracini Thinks He Has Tracked It Down

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In 2012 Maurizio Seracini and three other renaissance art experts published a book about the lesser known Medusa by Caravaggio.  The findings were shocking, changing everything we had thought about the more famous copy in the Uffizi Gallery.

This stunning book reveals how a version of the Medusa in private hands has been newly attributed to Caravaggio (1571-1610). The similarity of the work, and its frame, to the better-known version at the Uffizi in Florence attracted the attention of experts. X-rays and new technologies eventually confirmed that this version was the original. Here, the results of historical and technological research are accompanied by superb illustrations and close-ups of the painting, the X-rays, and more, enabling art lovers the opportunity to appreciate this previously neglected work.

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In 12 minutes Maurizio shares with us the essence of his research.  Compelling and fascinating, this speech introduces the world to the excitement that exists, largely hidden, behind some of the most famous paintings in the world.

Art history is far from set in stone. Engineer Maurizio Seracini spent 30 years searching for Leonardo da Vinci’s lost fresco “The Battle of Anghiari,” and in the process discovered that many paintings have layers of history hidden underneath. Should they be part of the viewing experience too?

Inspired in part by Seracini’s research, Dan Brown paid tribute by mentioning him in two of his novels The DaVinci Code and Inferno.  For those that know of the real discoveries made throughout Maurizio’s career, sometimes fact is more amazing and unbelievable than fiction.

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National Geographic follows the latest chapter in Maurizio Seracini’s search for the lost Leonardo, The Battle of Anghiari.  An amazing exploration of Art, Science, Engineering and Politics as it relates to one of the greatest art mysteries of all time.

Could one of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost works of art be hidden between a wall of an ornate building and another masterpiece? It’s a captivating theory that has had one prominent scientist chasing a legend for more than 30 years. This is the exclusive behind-the-scenes story of the hunt for a priceless masterpiece that could lead to one of the greatest discoveries the art world has ever known.

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